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Chateau Quilet Organic Bordeaux 2015
  • AB-certified for organic farming
  • By fifth-generation vignerons
  • A benchmark for Bordeaux quality

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On the palate, blackcurrant and blackberry flavours are accompanied by silky tannins.

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55% Merlot, 30% Cabernet Sauvignon, 10% Cabernet Franc, 5% Malbec





No oak


Vibrant ruby red


Château Quillet wines stand apart with their appealing complex aromas defined by delicately spiced red fruits.


On the palate, blackcurrant and blackberry flavours are accompanied by silky tannins.


It was in 1840 that Laurent Cassy's great-great-grandfather bought his first hectare of vines in the district of Morizès. Over the years, each generation has made its mark and today Laurent and his wife Christelle are proud to represent the 5th generation of growers. Driven by a family doctrine: "Treat the vine well and it will repay you", they soon invested in organic farming, and in 2014 bought Château Quillet, which was also organically-run. The Château boasts a remarkably diverse terroir with red gravel in the upper reaches and alternate layers of sand, clay and limestone lower down, which are often harvested much later. On first sight, the residence is not your typical chalet, though this is the name chosen by Laurent and Christelle.Maybe it is due to its lofty location, offering 360° views over the slopes of Morizès and the Garonne Valley. Whatever the reason, the residence certainly stands out with its red brick exterior that helps give the building its unique character against the vineyard landscape. Legend has it that in Gallo-Roman times, the village of Morizès was located in the locality of Quillet and residents were forced to flee towards the valley due to an outbreak of plague. Today, some 30 hectares of vines benefit from the diverse terroir and also the pronounced contrast between morning mists and very sunny afternoons, which promotes ripening in the grapes. Laurent inherited a passion for the vine from his father and with it a deep respect for the soils. He has entirely revised his approach to managing the vineyard to allow the vines to flourish at one with the environment. Ploughing the soils has become a priority, to the same degree as conserving water. Using organic materials such as natural green fertilisers (radish, fava beans, wheat and barley), and reducing the passage of machinery in the vines to avoid soil compaction, are other techniques that promote microbial life in the soils and the production of quality grapes. Hedges and trees are replanted every year at proximity to the vines, providing shelter from the winds and promoting beneficial fauna (nesting birds in particular). AB-certified (organic farming), and a member of the first group of wine SME in Bordeaux to be awarded ISO 14001 and HVE 3 certification (the highest level of Haute Valeur Environnementale, promoting and guaranteeing environmentally-friendly farming practices), Château Quillet is a benchmark in quality in Bordeaux, achieved in perfect harmony with the environment.

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