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Chateau Le Vieux Fort Cru Borgeois Medoc (6 Bottles) 2013
  • A Cru Borgeois wine full of character
  • Powerful and complex
  • Lasting impression of elegance

Chateau Le Vieux Fort Cru Borgeois Medoc (6 Bottles) 2013 x6


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Generous and rich on the palate, robust in structure and offering good length. A characterful Cru Bourgeois wine leaving a lasting impression of great elegance.

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55% Merlot, 40% Cabernet Sauvignon, 5% Petit Verdot and Cabernet Franc





No oak


Ruby with crimson tints


This Cru Bourgeois wine offers aromas of macerated fruits with a hint of mint, enhanced by roasted notes.


Generous and rich on the palate, robust in structure and offering good length. A characterful Cru Bourgeois wine leaving a lasting impression of great elegance.


Médoc has always been an important stronghold in Bordeaux. Vauban left a rich legacy of fortifications, which were originally constructed to prevent enemy attacks from the Gironde, and today form part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is now the wines that fly the flag for the region, with some of the most famous fine crus in the world. In the district of Valeyrac, at the tip of Médoc, Joël Bergey has been instrumental in upholding this winegrowing tradition, handed down through four generations of the family. The quality of the wines produced on the estate has been worthy of Crus Bourgeois status since 1932. And nestling beneath the vines lie the remains of an old fort from which Château Le Vieux Fort derives its name. Situated at close proximity to the Gironde estuary, the vineyards were flooded several times before a number of dykes were built for their continued protection. The positive outcome of these disastrous floods was a large expanse of gravel deposited on the estate, as well as forming a ridge, which today forms impressive outcrops of well-exposed vines. These magnificent gravel soils cover 5 ha in the district of Jau-Dignac-et-Loirac, while the remaining vines reflect the glorious diversity that typifies the Médoc, with a combination of varying plots within an area of a kilometre. The high ratio of old vines, of which the oldest are 50-year old Merlot vines, bring volume and concentration to the wines of Château Le Vieux Fort, making it a world-renowned Cru Bourgeois. Planting densities have been raised to 8,000 vinesha across 40% of the estate, in order to reduce the number of bunches per vine and promote the production of highly aromatic wines. Green harvesting is carried out in the higher yielding parcels, while leaf plucking on both sides of the rows further optimises grape ripeness. Harvesting dates are set in strict accordance with ripeness levels in each vineyard plot. The grapes are then sorted on tables before being transferred to the winery, to ensure only the finest quality berries are retained and any remaining plant matter is removed. Vinification takes place in the recently constructed winery, completed in 2002, and equipped with tanks in sufficient quantity to manage vinification by plots and by grape variety. It would be difficult to find a more typical wine from the Médoc than Château Le Vieux Fort, a name symbolic of the many fortified buildings that flourish in the region, and a wine of impeccable consistency to rank among the Cru Bourgeois wines year upon year.

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