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Chateau Grimont Cadillac Cotes De Bordeaux (6 Bottles) 2016
  • Fruity and light - an attractive traditional wine
  • From the banks of the Garonne
  • Fruit grown by utter perfectionists

Chateau Grimont Cadillac Cotes De Bordeaux (6 Bottles) 2016 x6


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Product Code: ER7026
On the palate, the wine is lovely and soft, with powerful, ripe tannins and a wonderfully long finish.

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80% Merlot, 20% Cabernet Sauvigon





No oak


Attractive dark ruby.


On the nose, spicy notes enhance blackberry aromas.


On the palate, the wine is lovely and soft, with powerful, ripe tannins and a wonderfully long finish.


In the kingdom of Cadillac-Côtes de Bordeaux, Château Grimont occupies an important place among the true greats of the appellation. On the banks of the Garonne, this magnificent Château, built during the 17th and 18th centuries, has played host to an array of illustrious artists. Among them, the author Eugène Sue was once its owner, who sought solace in this setting instilled with poetry, searching for inspiration far from the whirl of Parisian society. Painter and sculptor, Rosa Bonheur, loved spending her summers at Château Grimont, her "haven of peace". Once beyond the sheer magic of the setting, exceptionally high quality wines are the main attraction, and are often quoted as establishing the benchmark within the appellation. The 5th edition of the Féret wine guide released in 1886 already featured Château Grimon as a Cru of exceptional finesse, and received the Gold Medal from the Minister for being the best kept vineyard in Bordeaux. Customers flocked from afar via the Garonne river, before mooring their boats on the estate's pontoons to load up with barrels of wine. In 1958, the Yung family, repatriated from Algeria, settled in Bordeaux and acquired Château Grimont. The date would mark the beginning of the incredible story of the Yung family and Côtes de Bordeaux wines, with several new acquisitions including Château Sissan in 1990. Various leaseholds have since been added to the portfolio, confirming the leadership of the latest generation within the appellation. Today, it is the turn of the two brothers, Paul and Jean, to take the helm, each so different and yet so inextricably united in fulfilling their father's ambitions and upholding a legacy shaped with their own bare hands. And adding the finishing touch to this strong partnership, is chief winemaker Béatrice, who supports them in managing the vineyard and adds a feminine touch to the wine style. In this clay-gravel vineyard mainly occupying the slopes, Paul and Jean have launched a quality offensive. Ultimate perfectionists and very in touch with the profession and their customers alike, they constantly seek the latest discoveries and innovative solutions, and every year invest heavily to this end. In a bid to reveal a plethora of aromas, the brothers have installed high-performance sorting equipment at the entrance to the winery, while the entire tankroom is equipped with automatic pump-over tanks, working around the clock. Credit where credit is due. You cannot fail to be impressed by the Yung family's achievements to maintain and even strengthen Château Grimont's status within the appellation. By no means an easy feat, they have succeeded in rising to the very heights of this exceptional site.

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