Krohn Quinta Do Retiro Nova Vintage Port 2007 2009 Duo x2


$64.99 a bottle
  • A stunning duo of Krohn Port featuring the 2007 and 2009
  • Both are richly satisfying and highly acclaimed - the 2009 has 3 Trophies and 4 Gold medals
  • Share with friends as vintage Ports, like wine, do not keep once opened. (We recommend decanting as these are unfined and unfiltered so will throw sediment)


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Product Code: P444X
Krohn Quinta Do Retiro Novo Port 2007 A single year Port from an exceptional harvest displaying a superb colour, a full body and a very fine aroma and flavour. This is a wine for sharing (like wine it won't keep after opening) and we recommend decanting.
Krohn Quinta Do Retiro Novo Port 2009 This is a wine for sharing as once opened it should be consumed. Make sure you decant it first to really experience a vintage port as you ought.
3 Trophy
4 Gold

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