Rebecca Wiffen

Winemaker at Ten Rocks


New Zealand Wine Society is fortunate to work closely with incredibly dedicated growers and winemakers; women who have mastered the art and science of transforming grapes into the wonderful drink we love.


What motivates or inspires you?

There are many things that motivate and inspire me.  But the biggest motivator and inspiration are my children, Sophia (4) and Sam (2), what I want most in life is for them to be proud of me. I love hearing my daughter say things like “ Mummy, when I get big, I want to be just like you, and I want to come to work with you and do all the stuff you do!”… She would then carry it on with something like this “And mummy, when you get small, like me, you can play with my toys, and I’ll bring the wine home for you”.

What is your favourite part about wine making?

There are many things I enjoy in my role.  I enjoy the challenge every new vintage brings, the fresh flavours of the fruit, the development of those flavours in all the different blocks w bring in.  The challenge of knowing when to pick each block at optimum ripeness and flavour development.  I really enjoy the interaction with people.  Be it growers, other staff members or international guests.

What challenges does your career hold?

Probably for me, my biggest challenge is knowing when to let someone else help me. I’m a pretty independent person, who is very capable of most things, but as I have now gone over 40, my body keeps telling me to slow down a bit and not take on so much!

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