Natasha Mooney

Winemaker at Tash


New Zealand Wine Society is fortunate to work closely with incredibly dedicated growers and winemakers; women who have mastered the art and science of transforming grapes into the wonderful drink we love.


How did you get into wine making?

My grandparents lived in the Barossa Valley and I spent holidays with them, I really enjoyed the culture of the region and the people that I met, so this drew me towards the wine industry.

What is your favourite part about wine making?

Vintage definitely, when the decisions are made. It’s hard work but very rewarding when it comes together. I find this is the most creative part of my year.

What is your favourite wine to make?

When I decide on a new style, I really like that challenge in seeing it come to fruition. One example is a Rose that I started to make in 2014 and have been improving it each year to be a style that I am really proud of and gives a consistent product for my drinkers.

Is there a story behind the name of the wine?

Tash?......well that is my name so its not really am ambiguous story full or romance, murder and deception unfortunately, its just my name...however I could make something up?

What is your favorite thing to do in your spare time?

I find there is so much cool stuff to learn and do that I have not had time for yet, so I am always thinking of my next adventure. For me, this year I am improving my really bad surfing techniques to hopefully get to a stage of where I can surf with my partner and kids and not feel like I am the worst surfer on the break. It’s a slow process but I am improving. The next challenge will be free diving, I want to experience diving unaided to 20m or more.