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Prosecco Wine

The "it" wine for summer

In the last few years Prosecco has taken the world by storm; it’s loved for its fresh fruit and floral characters, its lightness on the palate and its refreshing style.

It’s not surprising that it comes from a nation with super-hot summers; Italy. Prosecco is named for a village near Trieste where, in the 1500s, winemakers attempted to recreate the wine style that Pliny the Elder raved about, and was considered by Emperor Augustus’ wife to have medicinal properties.

We don’t support her claims, but agree that it’s a wonderful summer pick-me-up; as a rule it’s lighter and more spritzy than other bubblies. If it says spumante on the label it’s sparkling, frizzante means semi-sparkling and tranquillo is the still version. It’s often sweeter than other sparkling wines, too, which means it pairs well with platters, fruit appetisers, Thai noodles and sushi.

In its homeland it’s ubiquitous, whereas everyone else tends to enjoy it as an aperitif, or as the key ingredient in a Bellini.

If you love refreshing whites with plenty of life, Prosecco is the wine for you this summer.

With Prosecco's rise in popularity, it seemed only fair we create a Prosecco wine cocktail - full of zesty lemon, pear juice and our other great love - gin!



  • Dehydrated Pears (optional)


Step 1: Squeeze 10ml of fresh lemon juice into a champagne flute

Step 2: Add 30ml of Pear Juice

Step 3: Add 30ml of Hendricks Gin

Step 4: Top with Prosecco and garnish with a dehydrated pear!