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Meatballs and wine pairings

There's a meatball for every taste, and every kind of weather

Fresh Vietnamese styles are perfect for al fresco dining on warmer evenings, and hearty Italian or Middle Eastern meatballs are the ideal comfort food as the nights get cooler.

And if meat’s not your thing, there are even vegan meatballs (which we'll save for another article).

Pick the right wine to go with your meatball meal and take your dining to the next level.

Italian meatballs with tomato sauce

Italian reds meet their perfect match when paired with Italian style meatballs and tomato sauce. These red wines are acidic enough to pair with the tomatoes while having enough heft for the meat.

Buon Appetito!

Our picks:
Barbanera DOCG Chianti 2016
Domodo Puglia Sangiovese 2017

Swedish meatballs with cream sauce

The rich, creamy sauce for these lightly spiced meatballs works really well with a silky smooth Pinot Noir. Austrian Riesling is a great pick for white wine drinkers.

Smaklig måltid!

Our picks:
Mansion House Bay By Whitehaven Marlborough Pinot Noir 2014
The Remarkables Central Otago Chardonnay 2017
Helfrich Aop Alsace Riesling (6 Bottles) 2016

Middle Eastern style meatballs

Whether they're lamb or beef, with pita soaked in milk breadcrumbs, thorough seasoning and a kick of harissa, these meaty spicy morsels go beautifully with a Shiraz Grenache blend.

بالهناء والشفاء / بالهنا والشفا

Our pick:
Mclean's Farm Reserve Barossa Shiraz Grenache Mataro 2016


Vietnamese style

Flavoured with fish sauce, chilli, lime and coriander, these chicken or pork meatballs are best with white wine. Pick something unoaked and citrusy, like an off-dry Riesling.

Chúc ngon miệng or Ăn nào!

Our pick:
Marlborough Vineyards Marlborough Riesling 2016