Wine Questions

Love is in the air

Nothing says romance like wine, and the reason might surprise you

Just as perfume can trigger a favourable or negative response from people, so too can the aromas of a wine. Some of us prefer spicy scents to floral, some of us are drawn to citrus, and some of us like nothing more than the smell of berries and cream.

So because every great love story deserves a great wine match, when you’re choosing a wine to share with someone special it helps to know what attracts them.

To help you on your quest for the perfect romantic wine, we have six Rosés to match some of the key aromas. Choose those that appeal most.

So which Rose will you choose this Valentine’s Day?

If you love excitement, thrills, adventure and have a sweet disposition on you’ll love slightly sweeter Rosés with lots going on - these are packed with candied apple, strawberry and candy-floss notes.

Willowbrook Gisborne Rosé 2018 x 12

Mondillo Central Otago Rosé 2018 x 6

If the gentler side of the great outdoors is your cup of tea then classic berry-and-cream Rosé is right for you. These are perfect to enjoy with a hamper of treats like pâté, bacon-and-egg pie and fresh fruit.

Zenith Hawke’s Bay Rosé 2017 x 12 

Ata Mara Central Otago Rosé 2018 x 12

Are you a hopeless romantic who makes time to spend with the one you love and cherishes long, intimate dinners? These warm, spicy and complex Rosés will make those meals even more memorable.

Esk Valley Hawke’s Bay Rivers Edge Rosé 2018 x 12

Hawkesbridge Marlborough Rosé 2017 x 12

These are the Rosés for those who dream of foreign loves, travel and holiday romances. Crafted to reflect their regionality you can transport yourself to the heart of France with each glorious sip.

Château Beaubois Expression AOC Costieres de Nimes Organic Rosé 2017 x 6

Le Rose By Alma Cersius Languedoc Rose 2017 X 6

Which aroma should you choose?

Research shows that men and women respond to different scents, so make sure to choose a wine that appeals. As a general guide women tend to prefer musky, earthy aromas and like pear, cherry and liquorice notes. Men, on the other hand, lean more towards lavender, caramel, butter, orange, spice and vanilla scents.