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How to match chocolate with wine

Find out which wine to sip with your favourite chocolate treat...

Easter’s a great time to celebrate with chocolate and wine… but can the two go together? Of course they can!

Whether the Easter Bunny left chocolate eggs for you, or you’re sneaking your children’s once they’re asleep (purely to reduce their sugar intake, of course), you can enjoy a glass of vino with it.

The key is to get the match right. The usual food-and-wine-matching principles apply; if the chocolate’s sweet, choose a wine that goes well with sweet food. If it has a high cocoa percentage and is a tad bitter, choose a wine that goes with bitter dishes.

Here are some fool-proof suggestions we’ve made to go with the beautiful chocolate from our friends at Honest Chocolat in Matakana.

Honest Chocolat Salted Caramel Bonbons & Prosecco

Nothing says Easter like the rich, sticky goo of caramel, and its ideal wine is Prosecco.
The bubbles cut through that rich, sugary goodness, and it has just enough sweetness to balance the salt.

Shop our Prosecco here.

Honest Chocolat 'Ladybird' Dark Chocolate Egg with Blueberry & Raspberry Minis & Merlot

The rich chocolate with bursts of berries make this far too easy to guzzle, and it’s even more delicious with Merlot. 
The mellow red’s berry character is an ideal match and its soft tannins complement the dark chocolate.

Choose a Merlot here.

Honest Chocolat “Bumble Bee” Milk Chocolate Egg with Honey Marshmallows & Rosé

The beauty of this treat is the smooth, sweet marshmallow, so pick a Rosé with gorgeous strawberry-and-cream characters to pair with it. If it’s a slightly sweeter style, all the better!

Reach for Rosé here.

Honest Chocolat Kawakawa Limited Edition 72% Cacao Table & Shiraz

Dark chocolate and Shiraz is a classic pairing so why mess with the tried-and-truly amazing? Shiraz has the berry flavour to give dark (the darker the better) chocolate a real lift, and its pepper character brings everything together.

Shop Shiraz here. 

Honest Chocolat Chocolate Almonds & Tawny Port

If Easter eggs aren’t really your cuppa, but you love the combination of chocolate and nuts, you can’t go past a tasty, rich, raisiny Tawny Port. And let’s face it, no one wants to share chocolate almonds, so wait until everyone’s in bed, then indulge.

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