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How to host a tasting party

Here are some tips to be the host with the most.

It's simpler than you'd expect to have a blind-tasting party - and loads of fun!

It's blind tasting time!

  • Invite your friends and explain the idea of the evening - to try new wines and pick a favourite without knowing what they are.


  • Then get organised. Every good host provides plenty to eat. Make sure you have enough time to prepare the food, or delegate a dish to each guest.


  • Each person will need two wine glasses - one for whites and one for reds - and a water glass.


  • Chill your white wines - you want them below room temperature, but not too cold as that supresses the wine's aromas and flavours.




Host a tasting party

Did you know: Every wine we sell is blind tasted and approved by our Tasting Panel

  • Set out glasses, scorecards, and pens for everyone, then conceal the bottles in plain bags or foil, and number them.


  • Now the fun begins! Serve each wine with a matching dish and score the wines out of 20. How the wine looks is worth up to 3 points. The aroma is worth up to 7 points. The palate or taste is worth up to 10 points. Remember to cleanse your palate with water after each wine.


  • Once you've all settled on your scores, uncover the wine labels to reveal  your favourite!


  • Enjoy the discussion and company - and make sure your guests can get home safely, or you can accommodate them for the night (that way they can help tidy up in the morning).