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10 great reasons to buy wine by the case

Wine by the case - it’s what we do. But for some it might seem a little excessive and, well, grown-up.

Internationally, there are more and more direct and subscription wine companies popping up because if you love wine, getting it delivered by the case to your door makes a whole lot of sense. No more heavy grocery bags, right?

Here at New Zealand Wine Society, we are case-converts, and here are the top 10 reasons why:

  1. Selected by experts - Take the guesswork out and let the experts pick for you. Our Tasting Panel assesses all the wines that we sell. If they don’t meet Bronze-medal standard or higher, they don’t make it to your table. This means, when you buy by the case, you aren’t taking a risk.

  2. Mix it up - buying by the case doesn’t always mean 12 bottles of just one variety. You can also get mixed cases that offer a bit of everything. We love mixed cases for dinner parties and special occasions like Christmas.

    Take a look at our Christmas Cheers Mix here, and view our fantastic Mixed Cases here.

  3. Start a cellar - when you have a case of one wine you can enjoy some now and tuck a few bottles away to evolve further. Who knows what magnificent characters will develop? You will! 

  4. Perfect for gifting - keep wine on hand for gifts and you’ll never be caught short again. Take it one step further and keep some gift bags on hand, too. Wine is a great Secret Santa option, birthday treat, Valentine’s gift, and the obvious choice for housewarming parties.

  5. Value for money - buying in bulk means economy of scale, and mixed cases often include exceptional wines alongside daily favourites. New Zealand Wine Society seeks to offer true quality alongside quantity.

  6. Entertainment value - stuck for what to do at your next dinner party? Entertain your friends with a blind-tasting party and see how many guests can name the different types (varietals) of wine. Bonus points go to those that can get the region as well.

  7. Pure convenience - save yourself the time, effort and stress trying to choose from a massive shelf of wine by ordering it online. Get it delivered to your home, bach, boat or office. And if you don’t love it, we’ll replace it.

  8. Always have wine at hand - for BYO dinners, impromptu get-togethers, surprise guests and just those busy weeks when you simply don’t have the time to shop. Keep your wine rack full by signing up to a regular-delivery subscription (that you can cancel at any time).

    Find out more about our Wine Plans here. 

  9. Awarded and recommended - browse online and it’s easy to see which wines have awards and medals, and what other customers think. That 5-star wine could be your new summer favourite, and buying a case means you get your fair share!

  10. Your new hobby - make it your New Year's resolution to learn more about wine, and maybe even start your own collection. Sign up to receive our newsletter to explore the world of wine through inspiration, tips and recipes.

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