What happens at Harvest?

A quick Q and A with Head Winemaker Jo Gear


As growers and winemakers around the country start the exciting work for harvest, we're making room for this year's vintage. We have a quick Q&A with our head winemaker Jo Gear on harvest, find out what harvest is, what rituals or practices she performs during the harvest and more!


What is harvest?

Harvest is when we pick the grapes - it happens once a year.

When is harvest?

Autumn - here in NZ that’s March and April, with some early picks in Feb for the likes of Fizz base from the warmer regions, and sometimes in to May for the super-cool parts of Central Otago.

How long does it last?

Pretty much two intense months.

Are there any rituals, superstitions or practices you perform during the harvest?

We always toast the first grapes with champagne.
I always wear wool socks.
And I live by the adage that, during harvest, a pie a day keeps the doctor away.

Are there any new challenges  you see the wine community having to deal with in the future?

Climate change of course.  Owning all our products including our waste. Supply chain transparency and sustainability. There is quite a list.